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Problem: How to BEST promote VALUABLE programs... AFTER joining?

Downline builders are often times...
buried deep within other programs, and
are either very limited or quite overwhelming.
YOU are expected to login... to update your links.

Solution: Just register for Autopilot Downlines...

* So simple, you register with your email, and NEVER LOGIN.
* Invite your current downliners to join you at Autopilot Downlines.
* Grab your Autopilot Downlines splash page - and let it play in traffic.
* We email a new program link to you every other day for consideration.
* Take advantage of our "accelerator feature" - catch up with your sponsor.
* If you already belong to any programs offered, enter your existing username.
* If not, just decide whether to join the program. If you join, enter the new username.
* Either way, you ALWAYS get to decide, BEFORE your referrals ever receive the link.*
- programs -
* * (except for 'Early Bird Launch Alerts'... more on those in a minute)
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